8 Setbacks You Could Face During Your RV Renovation

8 Setbacks You Could Face During Your RV Renovation - Pin this to share or save for later!

8 Setbacks You Could Face During Your RV Renovation - Pin this to share or save for later!

At this point, we feel like we’re experts on what can go wrong while renovating an RV. We had all of the issues we speak on below happen to us and more. This isn’t about deterring you from renovating an RV, it’s more so that we want to prepare you for any and all possibilities. All of the YouTube videos and Instagram accounts show mostly the highlight reel, not the real stuff. We are here to keep it really real and let you know what you could expect during your renovation.


1) We are talking about mold again!

Black mold from a water leak in the rear of our RV.

Black mold from a water leak in the rear of our RV.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: mold is a total bummer. It can affect your health, your pet’s health, and the safety of your coach in general. Mold in motorhomes is usually as a result of water damage or a leak. This can put a sturdy halt in any of your renovations, we know it did for us. We did an entire post on how to deal with mold and moisture in your rig so that you can hopefully move forward with creating your dream home.

Check out this post! How to Control Moisture and Mold in an RV

2) Funds (or lack thereof).

Sometimes renovations can run over what we have saved specifically for that project. It is hard to keep up with the expenses as they come, especially if you are attempting to do your entire renovation entirely debt free like we did. Sometimes you have to press pause until you can literally afford to continue. You may have to wait until your next pay day to get the part or tool you need to finish. Like we told our friend DaLorean from SilverJasmine, we use Every Dollar budgeting app to manage our finances!

3) You’ve got to work…

…at your day job, not on your RV. Most of us have a regular “9-5” that helps us afford our RV lifestyle or at least our renovation. If you run out of savings, like we discussed above, you may have to take a break to hustle to supply for your next step in the renovations. Both of us worked full-time during our renovation which meant we only got one day to work on the RV exclusively. It took us way longer to renovate than we ever originally anticipated because our careers restricted our free-time.

4) People get sick.

Jacque sick with the flu.

Jacque sick with the flu.

There was a point in July and October of 2018 where it was solely Tali working on the RV because Jacque was too ill. There were days that we were burnt out from the work week, rendering us too tired and run down to be productive at the RV. Tali has chronic migraines, taking days off for that was not uncommon and much needed. The flu stuck us a total of three times during the RV renovation, as well as cases of pneumonia, bronchitis, and the common cold.

Each of us has a laundry list of chronic illnesses that we live with every day, so, we attempt to make health a high priority. It’s important to take care of yourself. We know a lot of you out there can relate to this one.


5) Uncooperative Weather!

We live in Florida, which has a tropical climate. We do not know about where you are, but Florida weather changes at the drop of a hat. We cannot tell you how many times we got rained out. We even went through a (uneventful) hurricane season! It’s no joke when it starts thundering and lightening, as our area is prone to flash flooding. We’d rather play it safe when it comes to mother nature if we are being honest!

6) Delayed Deliveries.

You are going to have to wait on parts, there is nothing fun about it. You will be in the middle of a project just to find that you need a specific tool or part to complete it. You will go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and find that they are out of stock or do not even carry it! You'll have to take the time to find it online, order it (pay for shipping possibly), and even with two day shipping you have to wait for it to arrive before you can continue. If you don't use Amazon Prime, it could be 10-14 days that you're stuck!

7) Things are going to break.

So, you just bought this new part, you're installing it, and it just falls apart. The component breaks, it does not fit, the tools are not working. The list can just go on. It is going to infuriate you every time you hear that dreaded snap, crack, or crash. Take it easy though, no need to stress the small stuff!

8) You deserve to have a life.

We know that this is going to be a controversial one. People are going to say, “Well, I’m building this so that I can live a really cool life later!” Well, we’ll tell you what: we are not tomorrow people, we’re today people. Saying yes to a day off or spending time with friends and family may be the thing that drives you forward. You need to have those moments where you pause, refresh, and build yourself up to continue the ride. Have a little fun during this chapter of your journey, it makes it all the more memorable.

The finish line is closer than you think…

Our finished RV after completing our renovations.

Our finished RV after completing our renovations.

So long as you have good support system and a clear mindset, you should be able to get through a renovation with very little stress. Like we said in the beginning, we just want you to be ready for everything that can happen. Just remember that everything that goes “wrong” now is just preparing you for trials you could face while living in an RV full-time, but that’s a whole other story.

We wholeheartedly believe that this lifestyle is worth whatever trouble you may run into. A setback is just that, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever. Keep that in mind as you go along in your renovation. Just keep pushing forward and the destination will be so worth it.



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